Trademark Registration in Cyprus

Trademark certificate in Cyprus

Trademark registration in CyprusCyprus is an attractive business destination for entrepreneurs from all over the world. This is due to lax legislation, including unencumbered taxes on various forms of income.

Despite its relatively low political profile, Cyprus is a full member of the EU and the Paris Convention, and has national patent offices. International registration through WIPO is also available.

Registration of the TM in Cyprus through the local patent office is the quickest option, as it takes a minimum of coordination and is implemented in the shortest possible time. In the first stage, the organization searches for similar brands: if no similar option is found, you can proceed with the registration of the trademark.

Documents required for the registration of the trademark in Cyprus

The following documents are submitted to the Patent Office of Nicosia for registration:

  • application (must be written in Greek);
  • information about the applicant: name for the individual, name, form of ownership – for the organization, as well as copies of identification documents. If the author and the applicant do not match, information about the author is also required;
  • brand image: usually up to 15 pieces;
  • description of all activities to which the brand will belong. Cyprus has its simplified classifier: 34 types of goods and 11 types of services.

After submitting the application, it will be necessary to pay the state fee and also provide the agency with supporting documents. In case of missing documents, 2 months are allocated for making adjustments. The term of validity of the trademark in Cyprus – 7 years.