Getting VAT number for Cyprus

Getting VAT number for CyprusIn order to get a VAT number in Cyprus, the company must register with the tax authority. You can register with the tax office in person, by proxy or digitally (in the latter case you will need an electronic signature).

In order to obtain a tax identification number, it is necessary to fill in a special form T.D.2001, which can be obtained on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus in the section «Forms». To become a VAT payer in Cyprus, it is necessary to fill in and submit the form T.D.1101.

To pay social security contributions, it is necessary to register with the Ministry of Labour. As a rule, this is done simultaneously with the registration with the tax authority for one day.

Depending on the structure of the company, the Ministry of Labour’s Social Security Unit fills out forms confirming:

  • status of employer
  • the date on which employees start to work
  • online payment of contributions
  • other nuances regarding employee records
Assistance in registering a VAT number in Cyprus 400 EUR