Legal Services for Cyprus Companies

Legal Services for Cyprus CompaniesWhen applying for legal services in Cyprus, you are looking for a lawyer to whom you can entrust corporate matters, dispute resolution or acquisition of real estate.

We offer our clients first-class service in English, timely response to requests, fulfilment of customer’s requests in the shortest possible time.

  • All our lawyers are fluent in English, which is a great advantage in communicating with the client, understanding his needs and requirements.
  • Lawyers and legal advisers of our company for more than 10 years successfully help international clients quickly and efficiently solve legal issues in Cyprus
  • We approach each client individually. Honesty, trust, and privacy are the main principles of our work.

Our company provides a wide range of corporate and legal services, including:

  • corporate and commercial law
  • judicial disputes and arbitration
  • translation and certification of documents
  • immigration law
  • banking and financial law
  • real estate in Cyprus
  • selection of office and employees
  • registration of companies

Registration of companies, selection of offices and employees

The opening of the company in Cyprus is the ideal option for optimizing the operation of international business. The existence of bilateral agreements on avoidance of double taxation allows conducting business in different jurisdictions while paying taxes in Cyprus, where the tax system is attractive and corporate tax on company income is only 12.5%. In cooperation with auditing and accounting companies, we analyse the tax liabilities and advantages of companies so that the client understands from the beginning the cost of operating activities, as well as the benefits of doing business in Cyprus.

The tax authorities of Cyprus and the Central Bank of Cyprus impose a number of requirements on Cypriot companies, upon which the company will be considered a tax resident of Cyprus.

In addition, taking into account the requirement to prove the economic presence of companies (substance), as well as the desire of our customers to organize efficient business management from the territory of Cyprus, we provide our customers with office rental services, Recruitment and placement of staff.

Banking and financial law

The services of a professional lawyer in the banking and financial spheres may be necessary at any stage of the company’s opening, as well as when solving various types of disputes with other companies and individuals.

Working in cooperation with many Cypriot and foreign banks, we offer our clients a wide range of banking and financial services.


  • opening and administration of a bank account;
  • corporate lending;
  • financing of real estate;
  • capital management (portfolio management, planning, investment consulting).

Corporate and commercial law

Establishment and registration of companies and businesses in Cyprus. For many years, Cyprus has been a tax haven for international business. The existence of a double taxation agreement with many countries makes the Cyprus system attractive for business.

Companies wishing to optimize taxes and build a sound tax structure transfer some of their activities to Cyprus and, most importantly, thus acquire the ability to defend their interests in the Cyprus Courts in case of emergency.


  • establishment and administration of Cyprus companies
  • nominal service (director, secretary, shareholder)
  • annual state fee on behalf of the client
  • completeness and complex legal check
  • preparation of legal documents, legal opinions
  • liquidation of companies

Immigration law

There are currently several programmes under which it is possible to legally reside in Cyprus. Currently, owners of Cyprus companies are able to employ third-country employees in accordance with State requirements. Note that in both cases, members of the applicant’s families will also be able to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus.  Our package of services provides initial consultation and until the client receives the ARC card.


  • applications for a residence permit in Cyprus
  • permanent residence permit (pink slip, yellow slip)
  • work permits in Cyprus

Litigation and arbitration

Our team of lawyers and litigation lawyers has extensive practice in all areas of civil and commercial law. The main objective of our Litigation Division is the efficient and timely resolution of disputes through prompt assistance and serious legal advice.

If necessary, we try to avoid lengthy litigation through constructive negotiations and mediation.


  • banking and financial disputes
  • property disputes, including real estate disputes
  • building disputes
  • international trade law
  • trusts and capital
  • corporate and business disputes

Apostille, preparation of authorizations, translation of documents

FINWYN CONSULTANCY LTD provides the services of translators from Greek, English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian and Russian languages, as well as the drafting, design, and posting of apostille on the power of attorney. Our lawyers can prepare for you any type of corporate power of attorney, general or special, power of attorney to represent the company’s interests, power of attorney to carry out transactions, power of attorney to represent the interests of an individual for the acquisition or alienation of real estate.

In addition, we provide certification of individual documents (including corporate documents) to Cypriot notaries and affix an apostille on them. The preparation and execution of the power of attorney, including the apostille, takes two working days.


  • apostille
  • notarial certification
  • certification by the District Court
  • corporate documents of the company
  • judicial, legal and financial documents

Real estate

Currently, the real estate market of Cyprus offers a wide range of real estate in accordance with the preferences and capabilities of the buyer.  The most popular today are obtaining a permit in Cyprus without the right of employment when buying a property worth 300,000 eur + 19% VAT.

FINWYN CONSULTANCY LTD is engaged in residential, commercial (office and commercial) and industrial property. We offer our clients legal and real estate support, including:


  • selection of real estate according to the needs and requirements of the client
  • verification of the land agreement
  • negotiations with developers and property owners
  • cooperation with the building committee and utilities
  • drafting and verification of a purchase or lease agreement
  • real estate management for non-residents

Cyprus Legislative and Judicial System

Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, when the island became an autonomous republic. Prior to autonomy, the general body of law depended on the general English body of law. The laws adopted for the province applied customary law and values to Cyprus. Most of these laws are still in force today. The Republic of Cyprus is a majority system with an official government.

In 2004, Cyprus became a member state of the European Union and adhered to European laws, adjusting its Constitution in accordance with EU directives. Cyprus also participates in numerous world settlements and exhibitions. On January 11, 2008, Cyprus joined the eurozone and adopted the euro (€) as the state currency. The reception of injuries on the island is carried out by the Council of Ministers (currently consisting of 5 persons) which is elected and chaired by the President of Cyprus. Authoritative force is exercised by the House of Representatives (Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus) on all matters.

Executive power is exercised by the Council of Ministers (currently composed of 11 persons), which is delegated and headed by the President of Cyprus. Administrative force is exercised by the House of Representatives (Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus) on all matters.

The courts of the Republic, in particular the Supreme Court, the Administrative Court, the assize courts, the district courts, the military court, the labour court, the rent control courts and the family courts, have legal force. Cyprus has a comprehensive banking structure that offers a wide range of administrations that provide food for organizations and people.

The Central Bank of Cyprus is responsible for verifying and assessing the sustainability of the monetary system and is an authorized expert for the Director of Banking and Bank Management. The right to own property in Cyprus is protected by the provisions of the Constitution, which is the final Law of Cyprus, which establishes uniformity in equality of all things and respect for fundamental freedoms, including the right to own, without division. Persons living in Cyprus can appreciate all rights, identifying themselves with responsibility for property, without resistance from the State or people.

All rights related to immovable property, land inspection, mapping, registration, relocation, and mortgage sustainable property, liability for inviolable property, Its evaluation, as well as the heads of the State Länder, are verified and guaranteed by the Department of Lands and Surveys. A qualified public service that offers assistance generally related to hot assets.

Supreme Court of Cyprus

The Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear and decide all requests from lower courts in both general and criminal cases.  The Supreme Court only hears evidence in extraordinary and unusual circumstances. Within its re-evaluation jurisdiction, the Supreme Court may retain, modify or revoke the choice requested, or it may arrange a re-evaluation of the pre-qualification. The Supreme Court has electoral jurisdiction to consider any plan of action documented against the selection, demonstration, or exclusion of any person, body, or authority practising a leader or leadership position. Selection, demonstration, or exclusion may be revoked on the grounds that they involve overuse or maltreatment of any power vested in the regulatory body or in contravention of the Constitution. As an appointing court, the Supreme Court has elite jurisdiction to hear and decide on petitions concerning the understanding and application of discretionary laws. The Supreme Court shall have jurisdiction to review the constitutionality of any law or any disputes of force or capacity which arise between any authorities or specialists of the Republic.

Moreover, the Supreme Court hears and decides on any action plan of the President of the Republic regarding the constitutionality of any law adopted by the House of Representatives. The jury has unlimited jurisdiction to hear and decide any criminal case from the outset. It is almost only in criminal cases where the penalty, imposed by law for the offence in question, exceeds five years’ imprisonment, that a jury is kept under close review.

​​Legal services in Cyprus when buying property

The legal department of FINWYN CONSULTANCY LTD will fully protect your real estate transaction in Cyprus, from possible problems and will hold it in the agreed time frame.

Our services include:

  • preparation of contracts for the purchase, sale, and transfer of ownership rights
  • conduct and full support of real estate transactions
  • obtain any types and forms of permits and approvals for the division of land parcels, for the construction of new facilities or reconfiguration of existing facilities
  • obtaining permits from the Council of Ministers of Cyprus for the purchase of real estate by foreigners

Six basic steps to acquire real estate in Cyprus:

  • selection of the property
  • preliminary contract, prepayment
  • signing of a contract for the purchase and sale of a real estate object
  • registration of a signed contract with the Land Department of Cyprus
  • transfer of funds for the property
  • transfer of ownership of real estate

Of course, there is still a whole list of actions that guarantees the legal and successful conduct of a real estate transaction, so our company recommends involving a lawyer or lawyer in the process of buying an apartment or villa in Cyprus.