Legal Opinion on Financial Licences in Cyprus

Legal Opinion on Financial Licences in CyprusA legal opinion is a document that sets out the opinion of a lawyer or lawyer on the legal issue at hand regarding the financial project in Cyprus.

The conclusion is drawn up by examining the documents provided by the client. After a detailed examination of the introductory data, the lawyer draws up a written opinion, which will necessarily contain references to relevant laws or regulations. In addition, the legal opinion includes legal advice addressed to clients for their financial project in Cyprus.

As a rule, a legal opinion can be used to develop a proper strategy of legal conduct when approaching the regulatory authorities of Cyprus or to determine the need for a financial license in Cyprus.

To draw up such a document requires a lot of analytical work, so the preparation takes a long time, the period of drafting a legal opinion varies from 10 days to one month.

FINWYN CONSULTANCY LTD offers legal opinions in the following fields of activity in Cyprus:

  • Obtaining a Forex License in Cyprus
  • Obtaining a Gambling License in Cyprus
  • Obtaining an EMI license in Cyprus
  • Obtaining the Cyprus Investment Firm License (CIF)
  • Establishment of a Fund in Cyprus
  • Obtaining a Crowdfunding License in Cyprus
  • Obtaining a Banking License in Cyprus

Stages of work on legal opinion:

  • Receiving the information and introductory documents from the client;
  • Agreement on the questions to be answered in the conclusion;
  • Research and analysis of documents;
  • Analysis of legal norms and past practice in this area;
  • Drawing up a written opinion with references to existing
  • Legislation, reflecting all legal norms of the client’s field of activity;
  • Formulation of conclusions and recommendations for project implementation;
  • Provide the client with a legal opinion with answers to the questions posed and recommendations for the implementation of the project in Cyprus.
Legal opinion on financial projects in Cyprus from 1,500 EUR