How to Open an Account with Hellenic Bank

How to Open an Account with Hellenic BankThe success of the Hellenic Bank Group is based on exemplary customer service, a wide range of services, the use of the latest advances in information banking technology and control systems.

About the Bank

Hellenic Bank Group started operations in 1976. In a relatively short period it has established itself as one of the largest financial agencies in Cyprus. The Group consists of more than 70 affiliates in Cyprus and 27 in Greece, with over 2,000 employees inside and outside the country.

Bank Visit

Account opening is possible with the personal presence of the company director (or attorney) and remote way.

Account Opening Date

Receipt and activation of account takes about a month

Necessary Documents for Opening an Account

  1. Original corporate documents including apostille
  2. Original passports for each of the company’s participants
  3. Confirmation of registration address for each of the members of the company
  4. Bank recommendation for each of the participants of the company

Bank’s official website: