How to Open an Account in Cyprus?

How to Open an Account in Cyprus?Today, opening an account in Cyprus means gaining access to the many advantages of the most loyal offshore zone in Western Europe. In the wake of events related to the threat of default, financial institutions and banking subsidiaries of this jurisdiction offer foreigners the most attractive credit and deposit conditions.

The maintenance of personal settlement accounts requires minimal costs, and strict confidentiality implies complete anonymity of transactions and savings.

Advantages of an account with a Cyprus bank 

  • Low-cost credit programs
  • No taxes on deposit accounts in euros
  • Access to attractive mortgages
  • Fast transfers to any bank in the world
  • Effective international internet banking
  • Minimum interest for cashing money in ATMs
  • Protection of personal and asset information

At the same time, when opening an account in the Cyprus Bank, individuals and legal entities are required to show a relatively small set of documents. In most cases, no personal presence is required to open an account – enough notarial power of attorney issued to the authorized person.

Our bank specialists will help you to collect the necessary documents, and will accompany you throughout the procedure of opening a bank

Account. The services offered save you time and money, allowing you to quickly establish your presence in the banking sector of Cyprus.